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Friday, May 25, 2007

"Sounds For The Space-Set!!"

RIAA is releasing Sounds For The Space-Set!!, which according to Mr. Fab over at Music For Maniacs is "a 22-song free download album of Moogs, children's records, ill beats, Salvador Dali,

lounge, disco, a robot narrator, surf, scientists, scratchy old novelty records, and at least one theremin.
Jean-Jacques Perrey, Dick Hyman, Kraftwerk and Brian Eno get it on with Frank Sinatra, Queen, Beastie Boys, and David Bowie. Robot servants mix cocktails for Sun Ra, Esquivel, and Bruce Haack in the observation deck of the space cruise ship heading towards the domed city of Las Vegas, Mars. ..."

Updated: Looks like the page was kind of shot down. Maybe this BoingBoing post was a little overwhelming. Sorry about that Mr. Fab and RIAA!

Updated II: The Page is up and running again.