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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mr Dante's Inferno

Poooor Mr Dante Fontana! He has a horrible cold that is preventing him from performing his duty to humanity, i.e. providing non-stop schlocky entertainment to Internet thrill seekers (like myself), helping us avoid the messiness of leading an actual LIFE.

To get you up and blogging again, may I recommend 666 brand cold medicine, an ol’ Southern remedy that is (amazingly) still available online (though you are limited as to how much you can buy at any one time because it contains pseudoephedrine, which I believe is an essential ingredient in the production of meth). The consumption of 666, they tell me, is like tipping back a can of flaming Sterno.

Let’s see what we have in the Kiddy Medicine chest that might provide some comfort....

The Toy medicine chest Kleenex pocket pack for your sniffles....and what’s that, a Sanrio condom?? You never know what you'll find when you go snooping through someone else’s medicine chest, I guess.

We'll all pray for your speedy recovery.