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Monday, May 21, 2007

Mark Seager: Martyrdom Posters

Mark Seager: Martyrdom Posters Mark Seager: Martyrdom Posters. "...Shaheed or martyr posters commemorate the lives of those killed while fighting, or as a result of military action against Israel. Images of martyr's serve a dual purpose of grieving and immortalizing. Family members display framed photos of the dead in the home, and show them regularly during the storytelling process, connecting the narration to its human essence. This dual function manifests itself in posters as well, where a picture of the resistance fighter is accompanied by his name and a short description of their life or of the efforts at combating the occupation, along with how they died. Some posters depict children who were killed by the IDF, including a description of the events leading up to their deaths." From Mark Seager, Photographer.