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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bye bye, splusp!!!!!

Splusp!!! is being closed. It's time for me to move on. Originally I created this blog to fill the emptyness after my 52 weeks project and it served it's purpose well. It included a few projects within a project. I mention the most important ones to me: the sleevegirls project, the wet theme, Dutch pop stars, 20 splogcasts and recently birds. Besides that I occasionally mentioned special episodes of my activities at Radio Zwolle and my show Vreemde Geluiden in particular.

These and all other post are archived here. This is a first set up. It will probably be changed soon.

I'm not disappearing from the net. When there's something that I absolutely want the masses to know about, I will post it here at PCL Linkdump. Furthermore I shall be posting my compositions and songs, mixes, radioshows and audio findings at the splusp yahoo group and/or at myspace and/or wm-recordings.
The 50 ways to do a cover project will continue at the splusp yahoo group

My home base will remain: