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Monday, July 03, 2006

Hail to HTMPL Productions!

Thank You Guys!

HTMPL Prod. has been posting nifty mp3s here since March 2005.
Perhaps this was the guys' last post. Perhaps not. Time will - as always - tell...

As a tribute to the hard work they've put down at their office late at nights for all of us I have updated the links to the compilations they've put together, and they are now once again fully ON-LINE (there is now also cover art works for the 'Commercials' mp3 comp.! Not a very fancy one - but still!).
In all 8 wonderfully presented and packaged mp3 compilations (206 tracks all over).
Can them!!
Listen to them. Learn from them. Make love to them.
Frame the covers and put them on your nightstand.
Brag to your friends about them.
Make sure to get burried along with them.
Make peace, not war with them.
htmplcdfront1yo c vs s front FAKESANDPROPAGANDA2 Celebrities_front_pi
Celebrities_front 45s2_front oddities_front Even_More_Celebrities_front
Clickety, clickety.