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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Send Audio!

Send your home made audio (music, sounds, experiments or whatever...) to the PCL Headquarters.
I will put everything (can't promise anything though!!) online wrapped up nicely.
Please, do not send anything that is already commercially available.

And, please, do not send too much. 1 or at most 2 tracks is preferable (and in mp3 format).
A good way to send me files is with YouSendIt (this is a much better idea than just emailing me the actual mp3s).

And please supply valid information about the audio and about the artist (yep, that is You, or maybe You and Your crazy friends) behind the noise.

mail everything to: audio.pcl@gmail.com

Updated: Wow, sometimes it's really paying of being a blogger. I just spent almost two hours listening to exciting sounds from here and there. You are really fast guys. And brilliant.
And I love You.
But the truth is, I'm going away for a week or so. So don't expect a reply very soon if you are sending me stuff from now on and til I'm back in business.
Rest assure my excitement will reach incredible hights as I'm ready to head back (from some days in the sun on the countryside) to check that in-box.

C'mon.. give it to me!