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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Killer Blur

Recently I doing some research on artists working with, on or around computer gaming and virtual reality, and happened to come across the work of Jeremiah Palecek. Palecek not only has a nice portfolio website, but also maintains his own blog, promisingly entitled 1 Painting A Day.

He doesn't quite stick to the pace the blog title suggests, but nevertheless I was quite intrigued by what he does. Palecek creates oil paintings of scenes from computer games such as Counterstrike or Quake. "I believe it is important to create permanent replicas of digital media because it is something that so many of us experience", he says.

There's a weird irony lurking behind his occasional comments, for example when he explains a painting which was obviously done after a long session of Counterstrike: "The blood explosions seemed so abstract to me, and after blowing a couple people away I know that there was a painting lurking behind the screen."

Caravaggio couldn't have said it any better.