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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Foxy Bronx

Foxy Bronx is perhaps the coolest site if you're into Bollywood, funky cinema, blaxploitation, exploitation and weird kick ass stuff like that. It's an awesome French site (formerly a fanzine) dedicated to all groovy cinematic things - delivered to you kung fu style.
This is also the site that gave the Internets the wicked Solla Solla experience.
Check it out!

Latest Foxy Bronx treasure - hey! say Hare Rama Hello to The Beatnik Guru (Sivaji).
As the Foxy Bronx crew state on their page - this is probably The Wildest Hit of the Summer!!!!
"In the heat of Katmandu nights, have a trip with Sivaji, the international king of rhythm who blasted the underground world of tamil hippies. "

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