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Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Museum Of Black Superheroes

"Betha Buttress was one of the characters that appear in the comic C.H.I.X.: That Time Forgot, fighting her nemesis Das Booty. Both character's posess impressive strength, but Das Booty was a dirty fighter, so in the end, she won their battle. Despite her defeat, Bertha was chosen by the story's heroine, Good Girl, to help save theuniverse.
Comment: Bertha Buttress pretty much comes off like Marvel's She-Hulk, although she never reverted to another form. Also, it seems this character was inspired by the song "
The Bertha Butt Boogie."

The Museum Of Black Superheroes. Exhibits: DC Comics - Marvel - Image - Milestone - TV/Movies and much more of valuable pop cultural information can be found at this place. (via MetaFilter)

And remember: don't mess with Hypno-Hustler. He's like the mean runaway brother of the Jackson 5.