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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Week 18: Satanists

Since the HTMPL team is very busy this weekend we are arriving a little early this time. But Satan loves us anyway!

Anton LaVey might not be most well known for his organ playing, but he could grind it away with the best of them. In 1994 Amarillo Records released the 10” EP Strange Music, long since deleted now. Although the follow up CD Satan Takes A Holiday is still available, as well as the 1968 infamous The Satanic Mass (buy them at http://www.reptilianrecords.com/adversary/releases.html, we´re quite fond of the great painter Steven Johnson Leyba´s cd:s as well). While we´re waiting for the re-release of the EP, here´s two songs from that gem. First off is organ grinding at it´s best with Robert Wright & George Forrest Strange Music from their 1944 operetta Song of Norway. The other track, with singing by Antons partner, and current high priestess of Church of Satan, Blanche Barton, is according to legend the song most often found spinning at suicide folks home.

It began life as a Hungarian instrumental in 1931, then getting English lyrics by Sam Lewis in 1936. First recorded by Hal Kemp it quickly gained notoriety, after being found a few times at homes where people did away with themselves, and was subsequently banned in fifteen countries from being played on the radio. Since then the version people killed themselves most often over is probably not neither Hal Kemps or Antons. No, it has to be the take of a woman who went through quite a few gloomy sundays herself: Billie Holiday. Who, despite the ban, recorded this beautiful version in 1941.

Aleistair Crowley

As we´ve already mentioned one well-known Satanist we might as well listen to the other one: mountaineer Aleister Crowley. There exist a few recordings of him, ranting over wax cylinders. But beware when you pick up a CD carrying his name. Usually there´s a single release as well as a double. Beware of the double: the second CD is the ranting on the first one but set to some good awful cheesy cheap synthesizer tinkling. Urkk!

15 Strange Music – Anton LaVey
16 Gloomy Sunday – Anton Lavey
17 Gloomy Sunday – Billie Holiday
18 The Pentagram – Aleister Crowley

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