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Monday, July 11, 2005

biological error?

our pet duck in the kitchen
When I was a kid, we had a pet duck. We hadn't bought her, nor did we raise her. It was just that one day she probably figured out where all those bits of old bread came from, which we threw at her and her friends in the water behind our house and she just suddenly walked in our kitchen and kept doing that for a period of about two years. Sometimes she even walked to the front door when the back door was closed and sat there waiting for us to open it. And when having eaten her bread from our hands, she left through the back. We gave her a name, but -strange how memory works- I can't remember it.
Later I thought perhaps this animal was a re-incarnation of a late family member, but probably she was just lacking the fear and caution that her fellow ducks needed to survive, a biological flaw :-)

Three songs about ducks:
Herman van Veen - In het kippenhok (actually about chickens who find a lost duck in their quarters)
Rick Dees - Disco Duck
Willy B. Kids - Alle eendjes zwemmen in het water House-adaptation of old Dutch nursery rhyme: all the ducks are swimming in the water.