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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Week 16: The Gospel

It´s easy to poke fun at religious fanatics and they do deserve it. Humourless hatemongers who wants to ban everything that´s fun. It´s pitiful. But that doesn´t go for everyone. There is true inspiration to be found in some religious recordings, where you actually can here mankind from it´s best side, reaching for something divine within. Like the joy found in the best gospel recordings with it´s call and response between individual and collective, between god (whatever that/he/she is) and man. Rarely as beautifully and intensely expressed as in the march 1960 live recording of The Abyssinian Baptist Gospel Choirs seminal album Shakin´ The Rafters, all under the guidance of the great composer Alex Bradford.
This is where the soul of a man never dies.

12 Said I Wasn´t Gonna Tell Nobody – The Abyssinian Baptist Gospel Choir

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