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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Little Shop of Horrors

""Little Shop of Horrors" is one of the most famous B-movie cult classics in film history.
Corman and writer Charles B. Griffith purportedly wrote the script over the course of a single evening, writing in all-night Hollywood coffee shops.
The film was cast with stock actors that Corman had used in previous films.
They rehearsed for three days before filming began.

Principal photography of "Little Shop of Horrors" was shot in two days and one night by Corman, with other material shot over two successive weekends.
He used three cameras at once and shot every scene with only one take.
As a result, some scenes run continuously for two or three minutes.
The total budget for the production was $27,000
"Little Shop of Horrors" is also noteworthy for featuring a young Jack Nicholson in a small role as Wilbur Force, the dentist's masochistic patient."

Go get this classic at Internet Archive.