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Monday, July 04, 2005

Artie Barsamian

Olaf tells us: "Artie Barsamian began playing music professionally during the 1940s with his father, the great violinist Mihran Barsamian. Starting in the late 1950s, and continuing on throughout the 60s, Kapp, Epic, Fiesta and a few other record companies began marketing recordings of Artie’s own topnotch Armenian-American band to hi-fi happy belly dancing fans and aficionados all over the USA. Radio Bastet has some these albums on display in her impressively extensive belly dance LP gallery. ..."

And from the Liner Notes:
"...Barsamian stands alone in finding a new way, in bringing this music to a life it has not enjoyed before. And his well trained orchestra of professionals on exotic instruments plays the Barsamian arrangements as only they are able to perform. This remarkable sound, both unique and original, are all presented here as the Minute Man from Lexington. Artie Barsamian, brings new sound to American ears."
Read more at Inaudible Cities and please do download the six tracks from 'Minute Man Goes East'. It's quite simply beautiful and exciting stuff!