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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Fashions Past

Fashions Past: "Forgotten fashions from yesteryear: let's celebrate the fashions we'd rather forget as well as those we want to remember forever. Share your images of outfits, shoes, accessories and hairstyles from times past (photos should be from the 1980s and earlier, nothing from the 1990s or 2000s please, and no recreations) with a note in the description or comments about the fashions depicted..
Big frizzy hair or glamorous bob, platform shoes or satin pumps, disco hotpants or tuxedo, boob tubes or frockcoats, sequins or lamé, evening gowns or nightgowns, bathers or trunks. Fashion finesse or fashion faux pas. Let the fashion parade begin. ..."

Alot of cool outfits of yesteryears (not all are as undressed as the studs in Zed & 2 Naughts' pic I chosed to accompany this entry) in this flickr pool.
And, hey! Look at this cool blogger. It's the flobberlob-man. Trippin'!