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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Magnus Sandberg & Bellybongo

My fellow Swede Magnus Sandberg's sites Bellybongo LP Sharity and Swe-Sounds has been blogged a few times here at my blog.
Here's a little introductory interview:

"Z - Why are you doing this?

M - I started about a year ago, inspired by Basic Hip - I had some albums I wanted to share. After those albums I had a few more. Then a few months ago I decided to quit, I didn't think it was fun anymore. I lacked those true oddities, the downloads would get more common and not very special I thought. I removed everything and went to sleep for 10 days, but I got so many sad emails, and I missed the work with the pages, so I guess it's partly because of the communication it creates, the work with setting up a new page, as well as spreading strange and beatiful music to friends the world over. Now I seek those special LPs not only for myself, but with a plan to share them.

Z - What does the word "Tiki" mean to you?

M - I named my cat Tiki. Tiki is the name of the face I see where there are no face. Tiki means getting happy when drinking rum. Tiki is Exotica.

Z - Your favorite LP (the one you cherish the most)?

M - This was very tough. Many LPs come to mind, all in different styles, but I have had a favorite a couple of years now: Russ Garcia's outer space exotica LP "Fantastica"(1959), one of the strangest, most beautiful LPs I know, and "Illussion" by Harry Schollin, a Swedish 1974 Wurlitzer organ LP. That LP is very special to me."