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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Remember You

One of the PCL "Usual Gang Of Idiots" sent me a compilation disc some time ago that recently resurfaced after years of hiding in my drug infested glove box. No title or handwritten liner notes - just a title - Stop - scrawled on the disc in illiterate Sharpie. Included in the mix was everything from Nat King Cole to Yma Sumac to some aberrant Cuban/French inflected jazz. Anyone own up to this?

My family is ready to disown me for the constant rotation. One of the highlights is this version of I Remember You by Frank Ifield
The high register is a little unnerving but I am eternally grateful.


baikinange said...

The actual name of the compilation is "For the Love of God, Please Make It Stop". Or so I heard. From somewhere. Probably Boing Boing.

Johnnyuma said...

I guess my copy was a last run and the producer was to much of a lazy ass to include any liner notes. Thanks for the tip.