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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Janko Nilovic goes voodoo

" Janko Nilovic is one of these extremely productive musicians. He was especially hyperactive in 60s and 70s and it is almost impossible to gutter all the information about his recordings. He says that he has recorded at least 150 singles and maybe even twice that figure. He has recorded also under following pseudonymous: ALAN BLACKWELL, EMILIANO ORTI, JOHNY MONTEVIDEO, ANDY LOORE, HEINZ KUBE, BILL MAYER, ENNIO MORANDI, PHILIPPE GRAY, THE TEXAS TRAVELLERS and probably some more. He is still very active and composing in all the styles as he used to (clasical, pop, jazz, funk...). " From Janko Nilovic official webpage.

Now you can listen to 3 Janko's VERY RARE 7' records, under the alias "Voodoo Ju Ju". Thanks to the original "diggers/rippers/uploaders" Dj Alfonso and Christian Aubrun

Face A: Voodoo Ju Ju - obsession (part1)

Face B: Voodoo Ju Ju - obsession (part2)

Face A: Voodou Ju Ju - Drug (part 1)

Face B: Voodou Ju Ju - Drug (part 2)

bonus track:

another B side track for "voodoo drug" EP, under the alias R.Pulket,
Voodou Ju Ju - killersteen's voodou juju


Richard said...

Thanks! Love Janko Nilovic! Distant Earth has this offering...

splogman said...

thanks for getting me acquainted with this delicious music!