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Sunday, March 06, 2011

(Crippled) Gene Vincent and his band kicking ass in Brussles in 1963

Well, we're gonna have som fun tonight ...

Uploaded by mrdantefontana666

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(Thanks to Kogar Theswingingape)


Doc Cowboy said...

A cool clip indeed. I do find it sad that by the time he was touring from the early mid 60's on to his death, very little of his live act contained songs that he was made famous for. Often times short sets that contained as many Jerry Lee, Little Richard, or somebody else's numbers as his own. Time was not good to Gene. Even in Europe where he was still popular, he really seems to have gotten saddled with being the original oldie's act. By the time he died at 36 he could just as well have been 50. He just seemed as tired and destroyed as that extra dozen plus years could have put on him. Reinventing himself seems to never really have been an option. In a lot of ways I always thought that Johnny Thunders had a similar fate.