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Thursday, October 21, 2010

J. B. Lenoir, a Swedish lesson and some acrobatic poetry

Here's J. B. and his friends Rönnog and Steve Seaberg. They interview him about his family and tranlates everything to Swedish. Then J. B. plays his song Round and Round which he dedicates to his daughter Barbara Ann. Rönnog translates everything to Swedish. Steve gets bored and picks up a guitar and plays along.

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Much, much later ...

The Seaberg couple invented acrobatic poetry.
Here is
Rönnog, Steve and Courtney Seaberg with Mark Wolfe performing Rönnog's poem "Changing the World" in 2006.
Rönnog passed away the year after. But Steve and Mark Wolf has continued their acrobatic poetry career.
They also perform in nude which can be experienced here.

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baikinange said...

I would love to see their interpretation of Longfellow's "Wreck of the Hesperus".