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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dance With Your Baby With A Bump Ball In Between

Now pay attention people, 'cause you shouldn't miss a dance that's bound to be a #1... 

Well, I guess people were just too busy doing the ZONK! to pay attention to this little Pickwick ditty. The LP is pretty fun, but the only mod song is this title track. The rest of the LP is a lot of Mersey Beat songs with bad British accents and lots of "oooo's" and "yeaaahhh's". Pickwick must have had these songs from an older 1964 release and slapped them on this 1968 record. Go out and nab a Bump Ball for your next party... it could replace nude Twister! ~ Click on the images for hi-rez views.

From the back of the LP: The cats at Milton Bradley threw the Bump Ball into the teen scene and a whole new bag was born.  It's time the boys got closer to the girls, and this newest dance craze makes more fun than any historical fox-trot. Join the fun people. Get on the Bump Ball. LP by Pickwick/33 performed by "The Bumpers".

There was also a 45 released by RCA Victor giving performing credit to "The Combinations", who do not seem to be the same band as "The Bumpers".


Kenn Minter said...

Looks like fun to Percy.