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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rocío Durcal

I'm not sure why Rocío Durcal seems to look peevish on her album cover, perhaps all that hair piled up on her head is causing undue strain on her neck....but she's got with such great material as a song about a trampoline, a number with los Beatles de Cádiz, and a tune about a dinosaur.

El Diplodocus

On the same blog, don't miss the great album by Los Wawanco, if you love the CUMBIAAAAAAAAA as much as I do.....and then there's the awesome Los Zeppy who has a Los TNT kind of vibe and do a version of Mack the Knife but it's called Mike el Navaja . Listen to their "Estremécete" below, and dig the sax solo that's just a leeeeetle off-key.....

I love the music so much I'm willing to forgive their guilt of TWO heinous violations....automatic music and unlabeled tracks. I guess free music comes at a price.