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Monday, August 09, 2010


Six years ago (or to be more precise: 6 years and 2 days ago) I started this blog. Good times! .... and bad.
But mostly I'm fascinated over the fact that PCL is still here. Of course a big reason for that is Baikinange whom continues to post pop cultural gems in an endless stream that never seem to run dry. And I thank her for that!
Me, I probably out-posted myself during the first intense 3 years and is still recovering from the hangover. But I'm still here. Not on my toes. But still. Enjoying what's going on.
Also big thanks to Donna, Jan and the rest of the awesomest PCL Team on the planet.
Dynamic Party Blogging!

I love all of you!

Let's hope for another bumpy 6 years!

/Z aka mrdantefontana

Ps. But, hello Houston! We have a problem!!!! But I'll get back to you on that one. I do not want to mess this happy anniversary post with crappy problems. Later....


Desuko. said...

Happy 6th birthday to PCL! I've been lousy about posting on a regular basis, but I'm going to work on that, uh... tomorrow. Yeah, definitely tomorrow. Or maybe by Thursday. We'll see.

Lex10 said...

Blogging is different, now. Social networking has sort of deritualized the whole "this is what I want to show you" experience. It seems now that there are millions of people like us as opposed to thousands, all spuming coolth everywhere. I always feel that if I see something cool anymore, everybody else has seen it first so many times that they're sick of it. Every album, comic, photo gallery, single, art display and video is out there and out there and out there so much so that blogging maybe isn't the way of disseminating coolth anymore.

Conversely, it does all add up to several childhood dreams come true.

baikinange said...

Let's say a big hurray for the winning combination of extended unemployment and ADHD that gives me the time, energy, and necessary obsessive-compulsive tendencies needed to maintain this blog. Maybe the rest of the PCL-ers should get off THEIR meds and make this pop culture mecca much bigger and badder in the years to come!

Johnnyuma said...

I'm in a prolonged slump. Battling the Mendoza line with quality posts. I guess I can always revert back to clowns, poodles and or ventriloquists to be a slump buster. Happy 6th to all my pals.

splogman said...

6 years already? Wow! Let's boogie!
Lex10, I know the feeling you're describing, but still I think we're one of the best blogs in the entire universe.

SwaG! said...

Congradulations and splurlatives. Remember, there are still way too many people posting lame-o crap on the facebooks, so this is still needed.

P-E Fronning said...

In Swedish six equals sex. Just thought everyone should know that.

Armpit Studios said...

Thanks, you PCL people. Where ever you come from.

Παυσικραίπαλος said...
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Παυσικραίπαλος said...

Happy birthday from over here too!
Many, many thanks to all of you PCLers, for satisfying our thirst for good, old, weird stuff!!!
Keep posting!!

Lex10 said...


Johnnyuma said...

Lex.... thanks for the illumination re: The Mendoza Line. "Below the threshold" is where I tend to linger.

S said...

Takk, P-E Fronning - I didn't know that Swedes and Kiwis had that in common! [lame joke - one way to tell if someone is from Australia or New Zealand is to get them to say "6" - if it sounds like "sex," you've got a Kiwi]

But PCL folks: do let us know what problem(s) is/are affecting y'all. I'm only an intermittent visitor, but you've individually and collectively provided so much incredible material and so many amazing links that I do feel as if I owe you. I can vouch that my friends and demented coworkers have also greatly benefited from the musical Bizarro World that you orbit.

Dave said...

Thanks for all the great links all these years PCL gang! Hope you "keep it up" (the hard, I mean good, work that is!)