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Saturday, August 21, 2010

That's The Way the Ball Bounces

Swinging Willie Davis crooning away on this novelty record from 1963. Also features the smooth stylings of Maury Wills with his rendition of "Somebody's Keeping Score". The team went on to win close to 100 games that year and swept the Yankees in the World Series. Desuko might want to convince Manny to grab some studio time and bust a move. Karma.

Thanks to boyjohn for the link.


Desuko. said...

Johnnyuma totally knows the way to my heart. I wouldn't go booking Manny any studio time just yet, since he probably won't be with the team long enough to use it.

But maybe, on the other hand, Andre Ethier will be willing to spend some time recording with his namesake:

Desuko. said...

I'm also curious about Vin Scully's track.

Here's Vin from Wednesday night's game, when he's trying to understand Troy Tulowitzki's mullet:

Johnnyuma said...

Vince is totally perplexed with the mullet concept. He's in a class by himself....

Wanna pony up and shell out .99 cents for a copy? It's all yours. Just let me know if you find any Horace Clarke records.


John said...

I'm the one who posted the 2 tracks on youtube. I can post the rest of the album if you guys wanna hear it


Johnnyuma said...

Thanks John. I'll edit the post to link to the page. Would love to hear the rest of the tracks!

John said...

ok, here is the complete album, enjoy!


Desuko. said...

Excellent. Thanks, John!