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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Terrorist Attack!

"Terrorist Attack", a 35 card factory set that profiled famous terrorists and terrorist acts of the last century was issued by the Piedmont Candy Company in 1987. Honing in on the success of the "Mars Attacks" set previously issued, 25 years earlier, the set features some jaw dropping art work and currently sells in the $15 to $25 dollar range at collector shows.

Back of card reads - "Being a terrorist is not an easy occupation. The average terrorist is an ignorant and illiterate slime who has difficulty using a fork, much less operating a machine gun or rocket launcher. Therefore, those nations that feel national policy is advanced through kidnapping and murder of innocent people need training camps where terrorists can learn their repulsive skills. Cuba, Nicaragua, Iran, Syria and Libya are among the nations which train terrorists how to kill unarmed tourists and workers. These nations then supply their murderous vermin with weapons, supplies and even targets of attack. After an attack has been made, these countries claim that the terrorists were working independently. Of course, when their training camps get attacked, these countries throw diplomatic temper tantrums at the United States."

In this post 9/11 climate, they have become a pariah of the non-sports collectible world. All the more reason to have them in your collection.

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