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Monday, August 30, 2010

Rod McKuen, Deep as the Deep Blue Sea

Home to the Sea was a collaboration between smarmily-sincere 70s poet Rod McKuen and composer/arranger Anita Kerr, who should have known better than join forces with Rod.

I was going to add a video of Rod McKuen in action, but was physically unable to sit through an entire video of him reading his poems about his cat and his failed love life. Home to the Sea is unwittingly hilarious in its attempts at profundity-- I'm sure it was used in many (probably failed) seductions in the 70s.

On the back cover Rod tells us to try to listen to the album before buying, because you'd probably be happier with something more "predictable". You got that right, Rod! Though the cut "Bathtub Surfing" from the album is kinda funny and odd, and worth a listen.


SwaG! said...

I have the companion album, "The Earth." McKuen makes me laugh, especially when he's not (apparently) trying to be funny.