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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Donna Summer as a harem girl

This clip - I don't know where it came from. It features future disco chart-topper Donna Summer. She is about twenty years old in this and still may have been going by her birth name (LaDonna Gaines). She is singing in German and wears a harem costume.


Michael Sean said...

A quick check on imdb.com revealed that the clip is from a German TV show called 11 Uhr 20. The episode was called "Tod in der Kasbah" and originally aired in 1970.
Donna Summer began her musical career in Munich.

splogman said...

Excellent find! singing in German?

Dusty said...

M. Sean - Thanks! I started looked for the origins of this clip but got sidetracked. Yes, her career did begin in Munich.

Splogman - Yes, she is singing in German. She spoke it fluently for years. Thanks for enjoying this "find".

splogman said...

ok, never known this, but this here sounds a lot like english ;)

DJ Capybara said...

The music is by Peter Thomas. This song is actually on the Moonflowers and Mini Skirts CD that came out a few years ago.