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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Let the Swing and Strings Library Music-a-Go-Go Fantasy Commence

Soon after I posted a collection of the 1960s TV commercial background music I own I got a note from a generous person named Bryan who seems to have a great knowledge of the genre--as well as a great collection of the music, which he then shared with me. And also allowed me to share it here with you, in all of its schlocky 60s goodness.
An exhaustive description of what library music is (I found it rather exhausting as well), and a history of some of its most famous composers can be found here.

Killer Library collection, including music from Reg Tilsley, Ib Glindemann, Heinz Kiessling, Pierre Arvay, and then there's a lot of people you've never heard of.
part 1
part 2