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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bottle Cap Inn

I'm offering a cool 50 bucks (US) to anyone who agrees to come to my home and cover all of the walls in bottle caps, just like Miami's famous (late lamented) Bottle Cap Inn. OK, $100 then. I've only managed to cover an area of maybe 24 square feet on either side of a window in my kitchen and I'm already sick of the project. So I can personally appreciate to the single minded dedication it took to of cover every square inch of space in this tavern. It doesn't matter why the Bottle Cap Inn was torn down, or what was built in its place, there's no excuse whatsoever.
I know all of you have already discovered the fabulosity that is Interesting Ideas that these images are taken from, maybe it's time for a return visit.

And here's a song I think should have been played at the Bottle Cap Inn...."Hambone" by Phil Harris and the Bell Sisters.



DJ Xerox said...

If you look on google street view, The Building that housed the bottle cap inn is still standing. I read that it became a Haitian restaurant for awhile and I think it may house a church congregation. I'm sure the caps are gone sadly. I lived in Miami while this was still open, but missed out sadly.