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Sunday, December 02, 2007


Does anyone have any info or memories of a Fort Lauderdale Florida roadside attraction called "Aquaglades"? (enlarged poster found here) I found this great original poster at a junk store recently, and figured I could find something about it online. All I located were two postcards of an alligator wrestler who worked there (which I immediately snagged) and a link to a picture of some Seminole women who were apparently hired for tourists to gawk at (we loved us some native people for photo ops back in the sixties, didn't we?).

I suppose it was just another small roadside attraction that died out when people stopped taking long road trips--but I guess I'll just have to keep looking for personal photos or recollections of the attraction (or best of all, Super 8 movies) to surface online one day.


Rand said...

Funny, I just found some old film footage of Aquaglades in a family collection of Florida trips from the late 50's , early 60's.

Robertson Adams said...

My buddy's family owned Aquaglades, and he worked after school and summers as a guide that led tourists around. -- Robertson Adams

Robertson Adams said...

As a young guy, my friend Bill worked at Aquaglades which was owned by his father, Dr. Scotty Wilson.

JoTi said...

my wife's family visited in the early 60 i think. we got some pics