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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Village Of The Giants (1965)

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Sexy Beau Bridges and Joy Harmon in Village Of The Giants a spoofy movie where a gang of juvenile delinquents
ingest a substance and grow to 30 ft tall, then proceed to take over a small town. directed by Bert I. Gordon (based on a novel written by H.G. Wells) , music by Jack Nitzsche with an appearance by The Beau Brummels, choregraphy by Toni Basil.
This track by Jack Nitzsche, called The Last Race, is also featured on Quentin Tarantino's last movie soundtrack : Death Proof (2007).
Village Of The Giants (1965)
and The Village Of The Giants Fan Club page for more details and photos.
Death Proof (2007)
And here comes the original trailer.

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