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Saturday, December 01, 2007

OH for the PATROLLING of all... OH for the SPACING of this!

The SPACE PATROL Retro Project is abidant today with nearly sixty minutes that you'll spend in the retroactive GLOW of PURE RECYCLED MUSIC, beginning at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern / 2400 GMT (Sunday).

Your Internet Radio Primary Caregiver will be offering you Gal Costa, Tak Shindo, Pete Rugolo & His Orchestra, Krzysztof Komeda, Messer für Frau Müller, Mae West and The Lennon Sisters ... but since that doesn't add up to an hour, there'll also be MORE!

Today's broadcast comes during Luxuriamusic's critical FALL FUNDRAISING DRIVE. Your much-nededed donation or purchase of a Luxuria t-shirt designed by Shag, helps ensure the station will be able to meet its operating costs, and survive!

A whole series of closely inter-related activities, described below, are those in which you'll be forced to participate.

Here's what you'll be directed to do:

1) ATTEND Luxuriamusic and its One of Two True Chatrooms at the aforementioned hour ... now featuring streaming Stickam live video and chat technology!

2) WITNESS the Playlist in all its Retro Splen-Dohhhr®.


4) VISIT the One True SPACE PATROL blog and comment freely.

5) ORDER SPACE PATROL episodes on CD.

This week's Program Notes:

a) Luxuriamusic's normal Saturday lineup includes John T's "Thrifting for Tunes" at 11am Pacific Time, and DJ Vanni Parmegiani and Robert Passera's "EasItaly" at 12-1pm PST. At 1-3pm, stay tuned for Chuck Kelley's live "Heroes & Villains" program. At 3pm PST, stay tuned for Derrick Bostrom's "C'mon, Live a Little!" Then of course... you'll SPACE PATROL at 4pm PST!

b) Some classic SPACE PATROL PODCRUSTS are ready for you... right now!

c) As always, thanks to Music Bloggers and to SoulSeekers everywhere for making SPACE PATROL playlists possible. You can be assured that new episodes are being concocted for future broadcast, even as you read this!

d) Support REAL radio alternatives - beat back media conglomeration - PATROL YOUR SPACE!