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Friday, October 05, 2007

60's asian a go-go beat

Hooray ! This morning i received a package from Japan :
3 CD-Rs samplers generously send to me by Mr Pretty Flamingo. Yes about 100 tracks of original
60's rock garage beats from asia for FREE. All he asks in return is that you do the same with your own favorite music , that's a deal ! His samplers are rips from original LPs and 45rpms , one of the samplers is dedicated to the Honk Kong scene.
I have to confess here that i did not finish yet ripping my own 60's french a go-go beat records ... i am working on it, don't worry pretty, i will send the CD-Rs as soon as possible !
Now i know what some of you might say : he could simply share .mp3 files samplers online ! My answer is : there is not better feeling than to open his mailbox in the morning and to found a little package from the other side of planet earth with unknown music inside !
Thanks again Toshi...
Check his website full of A go-go Asian 60's beat