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Monday, October 08, 2007

Tails of the Merman

Experiment33 is in the midst of his cool "Tails of the Merman"-project (see MySpace page here).
It's a series of silent videos backed by surf rock music. See the trailer here.

Tails of the Merman-Episode 1: LuRu Prepares for a Party:
("As LuRu prepares for a party, she realizes she is missing one very important ingredient. She's Out of Rum! She prays to her backyard Tiki for help.")

Tails of the Merman-Episode 2: Special Delivery - With Contest:
("The merman makes a special delivery in time to save the party, but who are the mysterious men in fezes and their boss, and what are they up to? ")

To be continued...

Note: Experiment 33 says:
"There's a contest for the funniest (or most accurate) guesses about what the merman is reading at the start of Episode 2. Winners will get higher res dvds when the series is complete. Leave your guesses via comment at either myspace, or youtube."