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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I'm a Fool

You might think that contributing to a swell pop culture blog like PCL is all fun and games...but quite frankly, being hipper than thou several times a week can be downright exhausting. So I’m going to stop the madness here and now, and confess to the world—-that I have heinous musical taste, and always have. I’m not only going to admit to the first album I ever owned, but the first 45 record I bought as well (no, I don’t mean an EP), which is of course a dead giveaway to my age bracket.

Frankly, I have forgotten the first album I ever bought for myself , though I remember buying a 99 cent album for my father of bad cover versions of such hits as Al Hirt’s Java and Alley Cat (hey Mom, do you still have that one?). But I do recall the first album that was given to me for my birthday:
Trini Lopez: The Folk Album, featuring not only his “hit” Lemon Tree, but possibly the definitive versions of Michael Row the Boat Ashore and Scarlet Ribbons.
(download graciously offered by Na Onda do Samba-Rock which seems to have much better stuff than Trini available)

I was completely unable to find a download of the first 45 record I remember buying--even on the taste-challenged Internet--but I was able to locate a video of the song. Clocking in at a mercifully brief 1:22, here are Dino, Desi & Billy pretending to play instruments (and possibly pretending to sing, as well) on the forgettable ditty “I’m A Fool”.

I invite my fellow PCL-ers to also reveal his or, um, his own embarrassing first musical purchases to the world. Go on, I DARE you. Then, and only then, can the healing begin.