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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Harry Smith : Anthology Of American Folk Music

Harry Smith " was an artist whose activities and interests put him at the center of the mid twentieth-century American avant-garde. Although best known as a filmmaker and musicologist, he frequently described himself as a painter, and his varied projects called on his skills as an anthropologist, linguist, and translator. He had a lifelong interest in the occult and esoteric fields of knowledge, leading him to speak of his art in alchemical and cosmological terms." (via www.harrysmitharchives.com )

Harry Smith
's folk 78rpm collection :
Anthology Of American folk Music (originally released on Folkways in 1952) with 84 songs from various artists recorded between 1927 and 1932. A must have ! If you don't own a copy you fool, go grab it on DoYouSpeakEnglish?

Harry Smith's experimental movies Early Abstractions made available on YouTube by JuanAuxEnfers