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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Terayama Shuji

"Poet, playright, theatre director, filmmaker, essayist, agitator and lover of all things anarchistic, chaotic, and truthful, TERAYAMA SHUJI (1936-1983) is one of Japan's most revered and respected artists. In the heady and extremist Japanese art scene of the late '70s, Terayama created a number of unforgettable and highly controversial films. EMPEROR TOMATO KETCHUP is his epic, sexually revolutionary and hallucinatory work from 1972 in which "magical women act as the initiatory, yet protectively maternal sexual partners to children. The children, in revolt, have condemned their parents to death for depriving them of self-expression and sexual freedom; they create a society in which fairies and sex education are equally important and literally combinable." (last part is a quote from Amos Vogel's 'Film as a Subversive Art')
Terayama Shuji [IMDb] - Experimental Image World 7 Volume Collection presented by UbuWeb in partnership with GreyLodge.

A clip from 'Emperor Tomato Ketchup':

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