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Friday, October 13, 2006

The Avant Garde Project

"The Avant Garde Project is a series of recordings of 20th-century classical-experimental-electroacoustic music digitized from LPs whose music has in most cases never been released on CD, and so is effectively inaccessible to the vast majority of music listeners today. ...
The AGP archive is a repository for earlier AGP installments. New installments are available only as bittorrents for the first several weeks.
The audio files in all AGP installments are FLAC files. FLAC is a lossless compression format that decompresses to produce CD-quality WAV files. For information on the use of FLAC files, see Technical Information. ..."

Including: The Instruments of Harry Partch, the Swedes Ragnar Grippe and Bo Anders Persson and Asian Percussion by Yasukazu Amemiya, Nguyen Thien Dao & Kil-sung Oak.

The Avant Garde Project.