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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Musical Touch of Leonard Nimoy

"In December of 1966, Dot record executives approached the producers of Star Trek with the idea of releasing a Star Trek themed album. There were already Star Trek toys, cereal prizes, model kits and every other kind of product that a kid would want, so why not a record? Desilu Studios exceutive, Herbert F. Solow, responded to the Dot proposal with the following memo:
"I think we should push any record company that wants to do an outer space or Vulcan or any other single record or album, be it straight dramatic music, weird music, Nichelle Nichols singing, Bill Shatner doing bird calls or even the sound of Gene Roddenberry polishing a semi-precious stone on his grinder."

For Nimoy this resulted in the release of five LPs on Dot Records, a subsidiary of Paramount Pictures, from 1967 to 1970. ..."

The Musical Touch of Leonard Nimoy is as beautiful as it is in-depth - but still simple and neatly arranged. An awesome tribute site. (via Pastor McPurvis)