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Monday, October 23, 2006

Slow times at blogger.com

There have been severe slowdowns on blogger blogs (like this one on blogspot) due to server outages and all that jazz.

When you experience this while blogging you feel something’s wrong but you have no idea what is wrong and when the problems eventually will stop.
Oh, but not to worry! It’s really easy to receive information about the occuring problems. Just go to Blogger Status (”serves to keep Blogger users informed about Blogger's development, upgrades, outages and related issues.”) and you’ll know what’s up on the spot.
The funny thing is that everytime a problem (like slow downs and downtime) occurs it happens to Blogger Status as well. Well, it is a blogger blog.

It’s like calling 911 (Edit: 112 works much better for us Swedes, eller hur Fronning? Hur var det nu med den där historien då du var uppe och fylleklättrade på Atomium och fastnade med gylfen i en svetsfog. Var eller vem ringde du då?) to tell them there’s a big fire in your building and getting an answering machine on the end of the line saying: -Hello. You’ve dialed 911. Our building including the operator booth and the computer system burned down a few hours ago. So, unfortunately we are unable to take your call. Please call later. We sincerely hope you are ok. Call a relative or something....

This is of course not worthy a good service. It is no service at all. It’s amateurish to say the least.

Oh - and I know - you get what you pay for.