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Monday, October 16, 2006

Anna-Lisa is here.

"Anna-Lisa Ingemanson (1909 - 2003) was a pedicurer who loved music in general and singing in particular. Devoted as she was, she recorded a lot of music D.I.Y. style. With total lack of rhythmic sense - and singing voice - she fearlessly took on popular music gems and made them her own. The hired musicians politely asked not to be credited on the album sleeves. No wonder ...." (Quoted From the Anna-Lisa Ingemanson MySpace Page)

"Främmande länder" (Far Away Places), "Kalinka" and "Oh, En Sån Underbar Morgon" (Oh, What A Beautiful Morning), and "Fragrancia" can all be enjoyed by browsing this impressive entry over at WFMU's Beware Of The Blog.

Scroll down to March 20 #079 in Otis Fodder's 365 Days Project (well, nowadays hosted by the fabulous UbuWeb) for the exceptionally meaty Evert Taube cover "Oxdragarsång".

Anna-Lisa was also part (an important part!) of HTMPL Productions' 'Oddities' compilation shared here at PCL half a year ago (and still available - like all the rest). "Daiga-Daiga-Duu" she sang tenderly.

And, despite the fact she sadly passed away in 2003 she is continuing to generously spread her love and fondess for music in 2006 on MySpace where you can listen to 4 more classic Anna-Lisa songs.

More info on Anna-Lisa, if you are familiar with the Swedish language (and I don't think the sing-a-long skills you have just acquired while listening to Ann-Lisa is enough to be honest...), is to be find at Sunkit's page for Anna-Lisa.

Note: This was posted as tribute and inspiration for Madame Stegö Chilò whom just left the building.
Maybe singing could be a new career. You seem to have it in You. Out of tune from the inside and out.