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Monday, October 02, 2006

Some Friends of mine

Some friends of mine at MySpace.

Måns Wieslander - I shared an apartment with this guy 10 years ago. We had a very strange portable studio band mildly inspired by The Residents.
He's a wonderful fellow. Singer/Songwriter who knows how to write a good quirky pop song.

Lyxaporna - 4 crazy monkeydudes. The rest is a secret. Swampy punk pop'n'roll. More songs at their homepage.
lyxig live musik

The Bells - The singer/guitarplayer (and also main songwriter) Mats is also a friend of mine. We once put together a private party celebrating Iggy's 50th birthday. One whole and crazy day devoted to Iggy music and Iggy videos (ok, no heroin I must admit...).
The Bells are truly great music. Influences: The Beach Boys, Small Faces, Box Tops, Elmore James, Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, Jimmy Webb, Charlie Rich, Joe South, The Who, Van Morrison and The Stooges. More fantastic music at their homepage.

Check 'em all out. Have a listen. Have a beer.

And please leave a comment (here - and of course at their MySpace pages) if you have something nice to say about their music.