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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

VA - Sexy Voices (Compilation)

Hello fine readers of PCL!! My name is Richard. I'm the single owner and contributor to the blog Bongos/Flutes/Guitars and I've been invited by Baikinange and mrdantefontana to join their stable of solid contributors. I'm humbly honored to be considered. I will do my utmost to bring you the finest pop-culture junk that you've come to expect from these fine folks over the years.

My first contribution is Sexy Voices from the blog BAZOUNGA. Enjoy!


mrdantefontana said...

I want to hear sexy voices all night long. Welcome aboard!

baikinange said...

Welcome Richard....mrdantefontana doesn't know it yet, but the next PCL summit will be held in one of my favorite places, at the manatee tank at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Desuko. said...

Welcome, good sir! This place is a madhouse. You'll fit right in.

Richard said...

Thanks, all! I feel right at home.