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Saturday, September 25, 2010


"And our love is an antique song
For children's carousels"

That's the moral of the beautiful Scott Walker song Copenhagen. And I guess those words are a nice way to sum up my feelings after the first ever big PCL summit.

When baikinange and yours truly (yes, that's mrdantefontana to you) met in Copenhagen this Friday it was only the second time ever I met somone befriended on the internets. It's not that I'm overly shy. It's just like that most people I've learned to know and love live far away in distant underdeveloped countries.
Don't you know that Sweden is the center of the world?
And another reason behind my obscurity is probably the fact that you all are crazy as hell and I don't want to get infected.

But let me tell you, Ange and I, had some swell hours.
It's difficult to describe my feelings because PCL has been such an important thing for me during the six years I have been doing this. Between 2004-2007 I blogged myself through hell and back again. The power suddenly left me in the dark. I had no visions, no urge, no stamina at all to make me continue what I started here. Though I still loved and cherished these pages I didn't have it in me no more. But friends come to the rescue.
First it was as guest bloggers - then as regular contributors.
I love you all for helping PCL continue it's mission. But most of all I love Ange for coming along almost adopting PCL, breathing new life into the old weary ghost.

Baikinange is now co-managing the blog with me. But, seriously, this blog is hers as much as mine. So it was a delight meeting this person describing herself so very refined and detailed: "I will be wearing black and I look sarcastic."

It turned out to be no problem.

We had alot to talk about, and we shared some good laughs. No photos were taken. Let me tell you we both dress in black and look sarcastic. Get the picture?
But this happened. It really did!

/Z aka mrdantefontana

Scott Walker - Copenhagen


Martin Klasch said...

Laughs? Yes, I bet they were all sarcastic, no sardonic, while plotting the future of PCL and the world in some dark Danish beer hall. Beware, world! Beware! :D

baikinange said...

No fear, P-E, you will have a high office in the baikintana administration when the takeover is complete.
And Z, you do know that *baikin* in Japanese means virus? Best have your white blood count checked soon, just in case.