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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Help needed identifying WWII starlet!

Randy Haiman needs our help identifying a sweet lady from the past. This should be our speciality!
I am lost. No idea at all. But maybe some of you out there has an idea?

"While going through old photos at my in-laws' house we came across photographs taken at the Alaskan US Army Air Corps base where my father-in-law was stationed at the end of WWII. Several of the photographs were taken during USO events.

She looks so familiar, but nobody could say for sure who she is. Sorry about the low quality, I was using an old pocket shooter. Thank you very much for any help you can offer in this matter."

Click starlet for a little bigger view


Inkydog said...

Looks a little bit like Helen O'Connell

Lee Hartsfeld said...

There's a resemblance to O'Connell, but she looks more like Peggy Lee to me. In which case, the restored shot is making her nose look smaller than it was.

glyphjockey said...

Shirley Temple approx 16 years old.

The Third Eye Socket said...

That is most definitely Frances Langford:


Bob said...

Frances Langford did tour bases in Alaska with Bob Hope and Jerry Colonna, first in 1942.

Photo from 1944 possibly in the South Pacific:

gloveshot said...

Thanks for your help. I will continue trying to verify who it could possibly be, although Frances Langford seems to be the best bet so far.


auntneesha said...

Definitely NOT Frances Langford. Looks more like this miss:

Most people donating their time to the USO weren't famous- just regular folks wanting to do their part for the war effort.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed Frances Langford.

gloveshot said...

Thank you Auntneesha, that is a good find. The mystery does continue.