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Monday, December 28, 2009


Try everything in life but incest and folk-dancing.

--quote attributed to Sir Thomas Beechum (also George S. Kaufman)

I remember being tortured with learning the Filipino folk dance "Tinikling" back in grade school, and was mysteriously drawn to downloading this album from A Closet of Curiosities.

To perform the Tinikling, the two kneeling on the floor get to rhythmically whack bamboo poles together and on the floor, and the unfortunate dancers are required to artfully prance in between. There was ample opportunity for "oops! missed the beat" and slam your poles together when either Toni Tennen or Ellen Sturm's ankle was situated between. Unfortunately, pole slammers eventually had to become prancers, and revenge was sweet.

For those of you fortunate enough to have bypassed Tinikling in grade school, there's also some joy in listening to a bossy Filipino woman named Miss Carmencita providing you with "Bamboo Beating Instructions".... and for the more advanced, "Bamboo Beating to Music".