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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hello! My name is… Dusty

"Hello! My name is Dusty."
At least that is the name that is on the tag I swiped off of the table out front.

My Spring-o-lator cha - cha heels are squeezing my toes and the lurex hobble skirt I am wearing is riding up with anticipation of the relationship I am about to forge with you.
Why is this?
I received an invite to the most happening holiday party on this side of the water cooler just days ago and I simply could not pass it up.
PCL Linkdump?!


I hope to be just one more sparkling rhinestone on your cheap ass jumpsuit of pop kulture's thrills and spills.

Please, check me out at Cotton Candy Truant.
Otherwise, thank you for having me over!
Now - it is time for more nibbles and funny drinks!