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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kim Peek (1951-2009)

I have fond memories of meeting Kim and his dad, Fran in the late 80's as they were touring the country after the release of "Rain Man". Having worked most of my life with people with disabilities and given my cynical sensibilities, I was expecting a carnival-like sideshow at the luncheon I was invited to. Regrettably, my experience confirmed my worst fears as legions of curious rubberneckers proceeded to pepper the "Rain Man" with trivial questions and requests of an obscure nature. Kim, the dutiful son, answered them all with excruciating detail. The masses were satisfied and went their merry way home, no doubt to share the experience with their suburban broods. I lingered.......
For a good hour or so, I had an opportunity to speak with Kim and his dad as they waited for the limo to take them to the next "gig". During that hour, I had the chance to talk with him and observe the challenges he faced in his everyday existence. What I discovered was a loving father and son who were deeply devoted to their Mormon faith and who preached the value of people recognizing individual differences and the diversity of the human race.
God Bless......