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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

It's The Most Irritating Time of the Year

Yes it's me, blowing my entire Xmas wad on December 1st and getting it OVER WITH. How's about we make a pact, you don't buy me anything, I won't buy you anything and I can go spend the extra money on what I really want, more beat up record albums from the Goodwill. Plus, I still haven't figured out the logistics of operating those double-sided sex toys you got me last year, what with me in the iron lung and all. Whew, that's settled then.

You can party like it's 1965 with this holiday album from Billo's Caracas Boys, which is about as good an album that you can expect from the Most Irritating Time of the Year. There's the comically overblown "Triste Navidad"--there there, Billo, add a few more shots to your nog des huevos, it'll all be over with soon.

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