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Monday, April 28, 2008

Bouncy Bouncy

First let me say this is my only home for the next 5 days - I'm moving to a new hosting service (stupid me for ever starting to blog via ftp in the first place) and I can't point to the new servers for 5 days.

After having seen Jaykayess' post of the Inflatable church, I was really sort of disappointed to see that the floor was flat and not the inflated moon bounce type. I think it further robs something from the vows if you're not jumping up and down while reciting them, no? I think a bouncy floor might've sweetened Jesus' tears (Lachryma Christi) somewhat.

I was also reminded of this crimp (simultaneous rhythmic recitation) of "Bouncy Bouncy" from The Mighty Boosh:

Gang, where do I sleep?